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The inclusive way to
find your best fit clients

Our simple to use AI solution empowers finance providers to pinpoint client growth opportunities, whilst reducing business risk,
operational costs and unconscious bias.

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what is GFA exchange?

We benchmark and monitor your client's and portfolio's health performance
and enhance your ability to become more inclusive.


Here are a few reasons why you should use our solution:

Helps you make more informed decisions
With GFA, you can benchmark, rate and monitor how healthy your client's are without changing your own internal processes, to make less risky and more cost-effective client decisions!
Widen client reach by increasing diversity
Access unique GFA’s intelligence through your own private dashboard, without being limited by country/sector/revenue to unlock the opportunity for unrestricted growth and improve client diversity!
Find bad risk clients, before its too late
Our visual warning indicators will help to gain a deeper understanding on who is likely to become a bad risk and why, so you decide on the best next steps for both yourself and your clients!
Get yourself started within minutes
Once you've signed up, our cloud-based AI  platform enables you to unlock client insights securely and efficiently, with no need for legacy technology integrations!
Compliant to help you feel more secure
We meet both FCA and GDPR requirements by encrypting all of the data that you upload and monitored through our GFA enterprise-grade security!
Truly inclusive data network effect
The more organisations that join us, the more business health performance data generated for all, increasing the size of new client opportunities value for all!

"We are all starting to realise the importance of building intelligence around the SMEs that we support. GFA helps to ensure we effectively track the progress of SMEs, enabling us to better serve them."

- Richard Myers, Commercial Director

"Proud to partner as they provide a data-driven and technological approach to tackling financial inclusion, for the benefit of the banking sector and wider society!"

- Julie Baker, Head of Enterprise and Climate Engagement and Partnerships

"In a challenging environment for anyone lending money to companies, GFA provides an inclusive solution that helps financial service sector firms identify the type of clients most likely to deliver long-term growth and manage risk with more confidence. This allows them to make better lending decisions that will support their business objectives."

- Marcus Scott, former COO

You don't need a thousand data points to make smarter decisions

External data-points are over rated. You don’t need more data. We provide the right information sourced directly from your clients to understand who's growing, who isn't and why.
You don't need a thousand data points to make smarter decisions
Asking owners the right questions ‍at scale

Ask diverse owners the right questions
at scale

Our automated system engages with your clients, to get a whole new perspective of what's happening within your portfolio, saving you time and resource.

Easily benchmark SME growth across your portfolio

Our GFA Business Health Score© helps you understand the performance of your portfolio against similar looking businesses and the wider market. This allows you to monitor, track and review performance, fairly and responsibly.
Easily benchmark SME growth across your portfolio
Asking owners the right questions ‍at scale

Join our not for profit inclusion network!

The Financial Inclusion Network CIC is our separate not-for-profit think tank network, where you can meet like-minded organisations, share best practice through our events and seminars and much much more!
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