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Deeper insight for better decisions

As our partner, you can access our cloud-based solution to unlock unique insight on your own borrowers, so you can spend less time chasing debts and more time supporting growth!

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Easy to use

How it works

We provide a secure and responsible solution to help financial lenders benchmark, monitor and trade unique intelligence on customer performance, between each other.


Easy to use

Add a simple link to our digital and GDPR compliant business performance questions, into your lending application process.

Receive unique real-time insight on your own customer business performance, to compliment your own internal lending and credit risk models.


Reduce future negative impact

Generate your own private GFA Business Performance Score for your whole portfolio and for every individual borrower, to conduct on-going benchmarking and monitoring.

Learn from your own data trends to identify your own customer growth and decline patterns, inform future lending decision-making and more!


Grow your business lending

Use GFA insight to find more efficient ways to lower your default rates, increase net interest margins and improve capital spend within your own organisation.

Why not build up your own bespoke intelligence to attract new finance providers too?



What others say about us

Innovate UK
Ewa Bloch
Regional Manager

“Financial services require new and innovative ways, to help SMEs access the finance they need to grow. We are absolutely delighted to support GFA Exchange for their unique and inclusive use of data intelligence technology, to help financial firms respond to business finance needs at scale.”

Transmit Group
Richard Myers
Commercial Director

"We are all starting to realise the importance of building intelligence around the SMEs that we support and indeed the sector as a whole. GFA helps to ensure we effectively track the progress of SMEs, enabling us to better serve them"

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