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Manage your SME portfolio, better.

Traditional credit risk models are dead. The world has moved on. We are on a mission to help lenders fuel business growth through better intelligence, with less financial risk and less operational cost.

As an award-winning company, we help financial lenders lend more responsibly by providing real-time intelligence on the business performance of their customers.


Business health-check

Business health-check

Send quick, digital and GDPR compliant health-check questions securely to your clients.

Generate unique real-time intelligence, so you can help your clients make more informed business growth decisions!

Performance Rating

Bespoke Performance Score

Unlock bespoke and actionable insight to measure the business performance of all your clients, in real-time.

All this, without the need for any APIs, legacy technology integration or third-party data-sets!

On-going monitoring

On-going monitoring

Receive on-going post-support monitoring and market intelligence to compliment your internal processes.

Reduce the future risk of bad debt, bad investments, improve your client retention strategies and much more!

Increase value to your customers!

By working with us, we can give you access to unique insight on your SME clients, so you can serve their needs better, whilst reducing your own financial risk and cost!

Why not book a 30 min demo session to learn how?


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