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Financial risk and credit assessment models are broken

Lenders are unable to predict which customers are growing and which aren’t, creating widespread risk and impending losses. The GFA platform gives you access to growth intelligence fed directly from your customers (without the risk and associated cost).

Asking your clients the questions that matter

We don’t pull any external metrics or data. Instead, we send automated assessments direct to your clients and feed the responses back into our intelligent algorithm, measuring them against growth KPIs.

We know what questions predict growth but also give you the ability to customise the model should you need to capture further insight from your customers.


Easily benchmark SMEs across your portfolio

The GFA Performance Score© helps you understand the performance of your portfolio and is calculated from your clients completed assessments.

The calculation for the score is built upon a robust model developed in partnership with global financial institutions. This allows you to review and track performance with confidence.


Growth insights that your spreadsheets can’t tell you

Review all of the responses from your clients quickly and easily. We also provide notifications for each answer with insight as to how this response compares with other clients across your portfolio.

This helps you understand more about your customers so you can make smarter decisions.


Track portfolio growth with our benchmarking intelligence

You can filter across data points such as revenue, number of staff, individual clients, and more. Allowing you to identify best risk clients and review trends that make up best performance.

By understanding who’s giving the best return and why, you can double down and invest more resource into the right opportunities.



What others say about us

Innovate UK
Ewa Bloch
Regional Manager

“Financial services require new and innovative ways, to help SMEs access the finance they need to grow. We are absolutely delighted to support GFA Exchange for their unique and inclusive use of data intelligence technology, to help financial firms respond to business finance needs at scale.”

Transmit Group
Richard Myers
Commercial Director

"We are all starting to realise the importance of building intelligence around the SMEs that we support and indeed the sector as a whole. GFA helps to ensure we effectively track the progress of SMEs, enabling us to better serve them"

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