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How do you ensure appraisals are fair and inclusive of all businesses no matter size, location, etc?

The weighted scoring that sits behind our algorithm is what drives your results. The model is calculated based on our combined growth KPIs, industry practices and real-time health and performance of the business against other client portfolios and rankings against other GFA partners.

Do you track internal metrics, such as creditor days, debtor days, EBITDA, etc?

Most lenders develop and track their own internal metrics to suit their organisation. We provide unique augmented SME owner insight to compliment what you already do/have, so they can make even more informed decisions.

Is the usage of your model for working out loan repayment charges?

No, we don’t get involved with your own internal credit risk and loan management processes.

Does GFA measure growth performance specifically or does it measure internal lending ratios?

We focus purely on the business health performance of a lenders portfolio. This is to give you added value information to support your own internal financial risk and lending processes.

Are you able to flag if a client hasn’t responded or completed an appraisal?

Yes, GFA tells you which appraisal emails have been opened and also provides a list of those which have completed their assessment, along with those who haven't.

Where do you fit in when it comes to covenants?

We are not involved in the actual terms of a lending agreement, therefore the creation of covenants would be under the discretion of the lender/client relationship.

But we do stipulate that you make it mandatory for clients to complete their GFA quarterly appraisal on an ongoing basis, making this part of their ongoing financial agreement.

Can we customise the client appraisals that go out?

This feature is available at our Enterprise level.

What is the growth model you use and how robust is it?

Our algorithm design was built from direct question study of 6,500 SMEs with a globally reknowned business school, coupled with a 6 month data analysis with a Tier 1 financial lender and a focus group of their customers. This is how we designed our unique growth AI appraisal model to predict SME growth, and is continually refined through use.

Does GFA tell me if a business is growing and growing at what percentage against another business?

Yes, you can directly compare specific clients and their responses against one another in the platform. For instance, you may compare business health and performance by staff numbers, revenue, sector and 20+ other growth KPIs.

Do you pull on external data sources?

GFA does not pull any external data sources. Instead, we source pure insight directly from your own customers.

This gives you new information that you may not have been aware of, helping you to reduce risk, cost and improve business performance.

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