Nurture a portfolio of
best-fit customers

Award-winning technology to track, measure and benchmark the business health of your clients, so you can build a stronger business.

Proudly supported by leading institutions...

How GFA works in 5 simple steps

First, we automate quarterly growth appraisals online, to your clients

We believe your best source of intelligence comes from directly asking your clients the right questions.

That's why our growth appraisals were designed in partnership with leading financial and academic institutions to help lenders better understand who's likely to grow, who isn't and why.

Each client will complete their GFA appraisal

Your clients receive a welcome email from GFA and are notified that they need to complete their first appraisal on your behalf.

Rest assured, all of the responses that we capture are encrypted, secure and fully compliant with GDPR and FCA requirements.

Once completed, we calculate a GFA business health score for them

Once an appraisal is submitted, it comes back to GFA where we calculate a GFA Business Health score, which you can find within your private dashboard.

This leading KPI helps you track and monitor individual performance, whilst also benchmarking clients against one another, all within your portfolio.

Review all responses which are benchmarked against 30 key growth KPIs

You can also filter across data points such as revenue, number of staff, individual clients and more, allowing you and/or your clients to identify their best risk customers and the trends that make up best performance.

Monitor portfolio performance and analyse trends across time

By conducting on-going appraisals and capturing insights, over time you're able to understand who’s giving the best return and why so you can double down on the added value support.

gfa exchange dashboard
Get started within hours
We make onboarding easy so you can start assessing your portfolio as quickly as possible!
Compliant in every way
We provide enterprise-grade security and FCA and GDPR requirements.
Benchmark growth potential
Benchmark client performance against one another and across specific sectors.
Monitor your portfolio
With GFA, you can monitor performance and trends through our reports.
Data from the source
We go direct to the source to get the data and insights that matter.
Data network effect
Get access to hidden intelligence that would otherwise be unavailable to you.

Insights that manual spreadsheets can't tell you

Review each of the answers from your target client and get key insights per response - this allows to you easily compare performance against all clients across your portfolio. Our inclusive insights uncover deeper intelligence about your clients, so you can support them better.
gfa exchange dashboard
gfa exchange dashboard

Easily benchmark SME growth across your portfolio

We don’t need to pull in any external metrics or data. Our automated appraisals model feeds your client responses back through our algorithm, to give you a unique business health score for your own portfolio.

Reduce bad financial risk to improve business performance

Making decisions via historical lending performance and investment models is the old way. GFA provides a new way to assess future business growth opportunities.
gfa exchange dashboard
gfa exchange dashboard

lenders in a
whole new way

Identify who in your portfolio is likely to grow, who isn't and why.