Measure your clients
fairly, with less bias

The equitable way to assess the health and performance of every business in your portfolio - focus on who they are, not what they are.

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Your clients have valuable insight to share with you

Outside data-sources can only tell you so much about how a business is performing. We get answers straight from your clients at scale and assess them in a way that compliments what you already do.
GFA dashboard
GFA dashboard

Improve inclusion by understanding your diverse clients, better

By directly asking your clients the key questions that predict business growth, you can close the gaps between who you don't really know, and what they actually need, in a more ethical and responsible way that adds value to all.

Risk models have changed. Have you changed with them?

Market shifts have moved, to a more inclusive and alternative world of finance.

Your existing processes need to evolve if you want to be more sustainable and inclusive, with the best returns.
Risk models have changed. Have you changed with them?
Risk models have changed. Have you changed with them?
Get started within hours
We make onboarding easy so you can start assessing your portfolio as quickly as possible!
Compliant in every way
We provide enterprise-grade security and FCA and GDPR requirements.
Benchmark growth potential
Benchmark client performance against one another and across specific sectors.
Monitor your portfolio
With GFA, you can monitor performance and trends through our reports.
Data from your clients
We go direct to the source to get the data and insights that matter.
Data network effect
Get access to hidden intelligence that would otherwise be unavailable to you.
gfa exchange dashboard

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