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Building Stronger Businesses

GFA Exchange is a B2B data technology company, specialising in Artificial Intelligence for the financial services sector. As an award-winning B2B2C company, we provide an Artificial Intelligence solution that benchmarks and monitors the growth and performance of businesses, at scale.

Traditional financial risk models require change. They are often judgemental, rigid, and expensive to run. We are passionate about disrupting existing financial risk and investment models, to accelerate the development of businesses who want to grow.

Our financial partners gain exclusive access to our unique and deeper level of customer intelligence, to make more informed decisions, to ensure that finance and support is given to the right business, at the right time.

Our story starts back in 2014, when our Founder & CEO Joel Blake OBE first investigated how artificial intelligence could be used to identify and accelerate access to finance for high growth businesses, at less cost and at less risk.

Having spent 15 years in business support, previously co-founded a financial lending firm and having been nationally recognised for helping businesses to grow, he understands the importance of 'smart-
money' – applying an understanding and application of unique insight, to address the financial risk of supporting businesses positioned for growth and profitability.

We are fully GDPR compliant and work with firms from across the financial services sector. We have no need for data APIs and changes to existing legacy technologies, saving time and cost for all.

GFA Exchange was born out of a vision for building stronger businesses, through smarter money, in a smarter way.

Together, we can help you unlock the hidden information that you need to make more informed lending and business growth decisions, now and in the future.

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Are you missing out on lost revenues, because you have overlooked good performing businesses that don't fit 'your current risk profile'? How much is that lost revenue worth you? Partner with us today and we'll help you change that.

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